How a Local Builder Can Help Get You a Great Home Office in Tameside?

Now that more and more people are working from home there is a greater interest in setting up practical and user friendly home offices all around the country.

In the early days of teleworking, when the word brought up images of just a handful of people who had upped sticks from the big cities and gone to live in the Scottish Isles, home offices were seen as simply an additional space in some unused corner of the home. They were somewhere where perhaps some books were stored and a computer was occasionally used in earnest, but in the vast majority of cases were not really thought of as being a full time place of work.

Now that working from home is a viable option not just for programmers but for writers, travel agents, HR staff and many more people, it is beginning to be regarded a more important space in the property and stuffing a chair and a little table into any old corner is no longer good enough.

Apart from the comfort of the home worker we have to consider that modern advances like video conferencing mean that you are now likely to share the image of your home office with other people on a regular basis. If you are on a Skype call with your boss or an important client you don’t want them to see that you work out of a dark cubby under the stairs.

One of the first things which should be considered is whether you already have a room in the room in the house which can be modified and used as your office, or whether one needs to be created. If you are going to adapt and use an existing bedroom or living room space then you need to check whether the size of the room meets you requirements and that you can fit in all your furniture and equipment. It is also important that you work in an area where typing, phone calls and pieces of paper lying about won’t annoy or disturb other people. Putting a PC in the kitchen may seem a good idea, but trying to cook while someone is selling cruise holidays in the background is a trifle difficult, while trying to sell cruise holidays while someone is cooking can be equally trying.

When there appears to be no suitable room which can be easily adapted you may have be more creative. Can a large room have a section partitioned off? Can the conservatory be used? Can a sheltered spot in the garden by used during days when the weather is nice? If the dining room is only used a couple of hours a day can it used the rest of the time?

If you have no option but to call in a local builder then online auction sites are a great way to bounce some ideas off highly rated tradesmen and work out what to do. If you need to add an extension then you want something with plenty of light, plenty of sockets and preferably with the option of being separated from the rest of the house when you need it. A conservatory with sliding doors, maybe? What about getting a good builder to give you an extension with glass bricks built in, or a big skylight?


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