Home Offices For Your Property In Tameside

Setting up a home office in a different structure from your home could be the ideal route to eliminating a long or busy commute.

With working from home becoming more common, the convenience of having an ‘at-home’ set-up is making its way on to many a homeowner’s want list.

Many people working from home do so alone, in which case planning permission for an office isn’t usually needed.

However, if you are employing staff who will come in every day or are holding numerous meetings, it could be classed as business use and, additionally, might be bothersome to your neighbours– in which case you will really need to get the planners involved before you commence any construction.

If you wish to create a garden room suitable for office use under PD rights, it will need to fall under certain rules. It’ll need to be single storey with a maximum eaves height of 2.5 m, and an overall height of 4m with a dual pitched roof (3m for other types). Structures erected within 2m of a boundary can be no taller than 2.5 m.

Garden rooms can be an ideal solution for gaining added space without the hassle (and price tag) of an extension.

While the most basic models come just as a standard ‘pod’ outdoors, others can be equipped with power, heating and ethernet connection so you can carry on with work in private without disturbances, all with a great view of the garden.

Once you’ve determined where you stand with planning, you’ll need to think of a design that’s not only aesthetically appealing but also practical for day-to-day work.

A sun-filled working space will positively affect performance and the same is true if your windows face a beautiful, calming scene. Or designing a cosy snug-cum-home office can be the perfect place to retire to when you need some solitude to get on with work– or simply to read a book.

Think about the health-supporting qualities of the materials you use, as well. For instance, a building with wood that has been treated with environmentally friendly, non-toxic finishes can drastically improve the quality of your space.

Air quality and temperature also play a big part in feeling comfortable in any room. If you are planning on working in your home office during the winter months then you’ll need to make certain the structure is well insulated and that energy efficient heating and ventilation options are in place.

Loft conversions don’t just need to be for playrooms or an extra bedroom– they create fantastic home offices too. Remember as well it’s not only the adults of the family who need an office space– youngsters now need their space to focus on homework too.

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