Denton Area Guide

Denton is a town in Greater Manchester to the eastern side of the city centre. Situated on the junction of the M60/M67 it is perfectly positioned for those aspiring to commute. The town itself has great amenities with Crown Point North shopping centre, Morrisons, Sainsbury and Lidl supermarkets, major banks, post office, library as well as a swimming pool.

The housing market in Denton is solid and Mary Ashton, Director of Your Move Mary Ashton, says “Overall market activity is improving”. Denton is an inexpensive part of Greater Manchester with terrace homes routinely offered to buy at ₤ 80,000 and 3 bed family homes available for less than ₤ 125,000. It is a full market with an entire range of housing stock including terraces, flats as well as modern apartments, semi detached homes, detached homes as well as cottages. The rental market is very solid in Denton making it a great area for both residents as well as property managers alike.

Denton is a well established family area with the majority of buyers with solid local connection to the area. Many people spend their entire lives residing in Denton and its excellent schools, local parks as well as amenities.

Denton is famous for its hat making as well as mining industries. Famous inhabitants have included Mick Hucknall, Sir Geofff Hurst and Paul Lake.

The Director of Your Move Mary Ashton in Denton, Mary Ashton, says “Denton is a fantastic location to live and work. I know of numerous households with 3 generations gladly residing in the area, and having worked right here for over one decade I would certainly not think twice to endorse it. It boasts superb transport links as well as amenities. 15 minutes to the East and you are in Manchester City Centre whilst 15 minutes to the West you are in the Peak District Natural Park. Towards the south you can go to Manchester Airport or the Trafford Centre. Where else offers this amount of flexibility?”

There really is a full range of properties in the Denton area. The earliest being weavers cottages built in the 1700’s. The bulk of the housing stock includes Victorian period properties through pre as well as post war Semis and detached properties. There are a substantial portion of ex-local authority housing built in the 1970’s as well as numerous new build developments built in the last few years and still on going. You can purchase flats, terraces, semis, mews as well as detached properties with 1 to 6+ rooms.

Your-Move Mary Ashton is the most successful real estate agency in the Denton area and has properties ranging from ₤ 50,000 for a 1 bed flat to ₤ 450,000 for large detached homes.

There are numerous prominent areas within Denton determined by a variety of various factors. Great institutions are definitely vital and with this in mind Dane Bank is a well-known place due to its proximity to Denton West End Primary; Town Lane is prominent for St Thomas Moor secondary school. Those individuals shopping for more recent build style properties like the Whittles Farm and St Annes Estates whilst those shopping for Victorian grandeur like Stockport Road around the Fletchers Pub. If you like the countryside the Haughton Green is for you with numerous properties having expansive views over Haughton Dale country park as well as the Goyt valley.

Denton is a high rental area. It is popular with both private, social as well as housing benefit clients. A 2 bed Victorian terrace can lease from ₤ 400-₤ 500pcm while a 5-6 bed detached can fetch ₤ 1000pcm.

Denton is perfectly positioned for customers with a bustling High Street situated on the cross roads of Manchester and Stockport Roads “Crown Point”. There is even a shopping centre at Crown Point North. M&S outlet and Tesco Extra are 2 of the large brands. For those who like eating out there are a variety of dining establishments providing pub food, Spanish, Italian as well as Indian cuisines. There is even your typical mix of fast food/takeaways including McDonalds, KFC, Subway and Dominos. Denton is also the home of a massive Morrisons store as well as a Sainsburys.

Denton itself is home to numerous recreation facilities including cricket clubs, Sunday league football teams as well as a swimming pool. On the cultural side Denton was home to Mick Hucknall (Simply Red) as well as Alan ‘Reni’ Wren (The Stone Roses). Thomas Bowler as well as his Uncle William were born in Denton and created the hat that carries their name. In the wider Tameside area there is a cinema as well as bowling complex in Ashton-under-lyne, Swimming pool in Hyde, numerous league football clubs including Droyslden FC, Staylbridge Celtic as well as Hyde FC.